Osiris: New Dawn [Early Access] (First Impressions)

Osiris: New Dawn is a space survival game current on Early Access on the Steam store. A friend of mine asked me to try the game out with him for two reasons:

  1. We haven’t played any co-op games together for a long time now due to our conflicting schedules
  2. The game looked really good with its game trailer and screenshots (I also cheated by looking a few gameplay videos on YouTube before making my final decision)

Considering I died at least three times alone after spawning in after joining his game, before finally meeting up with him at his location, add in sudden death from surprise giant sand-worm of absolute death….we have an excellent start to the game!

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Turmoil is a delightful management game that takes players to the oil rush in 19th century North America. Look for that black gold as you compete with rivals over the best piece of land and maximize your profits!

As you slowly become more efficient and successful in the oil business, the town will grow offering new upgrades and ways to get an edge over your competitors. If you have the cash to spare and willing to pay. *wink nudge nudge* Continue reading

Stories: Path of Destinies

Stories: The Path of Destinies, is a fantasy action-RPG that involves an enchanted storybook filled a variety of characters and a lively narrator who dictates the story based on the player’s decisions.

You play as Reynardo, former sky pirate and the unintentional hero of this narrative, whom unwittingly finds himself as the last line of defense against a mad Emperor and his legion of ravens.

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eRegime (Re-uploaded)

First of all, I would like to apologize for this post disappearing. It seems I may had unintentionally deleted it while I was revamping the blog some time back, and never noticed it. Sorry. That was my bad.

Update 19/9/16: Thanks to Dawaldo for providing a link leading to the original post I had and again, for pointing out that the post was down.

About a week ago (July 15th,2015), I was asked whether I was willing to help promote a forum game called eRegime by Dawaldo, who is one of the site founders and active user.

Below is a very brief introduction provided by Dawaldo that touches on the following points about eRegime:

  • brief history of the forum
  • how eRegime is run
  • what the community is like
  • forum games currently on eRegime

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Game Demo: The Magic Circle

While browsing the Steam store because of ‘reasons’, I stumbled upon a game called: The Magic Circle. The premise of the story intrigued me so I checked it out.

The concept behind the game got my attention but I was still unsure whether I would actually want to buy the game. Noticed it had a demo and decided to give a demo a try. Continue reading